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Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - February 8th, 2012

Redesign is here.


In other news.

I have got nothing done. Fuck yeah.

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - September 5th, 2011

Now that school has started. I won't be to active. But I'm still stalking. But anyway, on to other news.

- Flash got corrupted. So I won't be animating till Christmas.

- My art piece for the MLP: FiM art contest is past the rough draft stage. Thank god.

- I'll be making an art thread January 1st.

- I'll be entering TOFA next year, and I'll fail horribly.

- I'm starting to write again. Which is something I though I gave up a loooooong time ago.

- 3D animation is a bitch, but I'll get around to trying that...eventually.

- That MLP:FiM animation won't happen for a while. Unless I can get off my ass and do something. Which I doubt.

- I'm hoping to be able to work on "Silent Ponyville the Game". But that's unlikely.
Edit: Yeah, this isn't going to happen.

- I'll revamp my channel soon. When I feel like it.

- All that, and school, so some doodles might enter the Art Portal.

I have way to much free time. So if you read this far, please comment. I'll respond eventually.

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - August 6th, 2011

I finally got a new tablet. It wasn't easy. It's a small Wacom Bamboo. But on to other news.

- The 60 frame collab is finally coming around. But it still needs help. So if you can animate a part, do it.

- I will be doing the MLP animation. I just don't know what to do. Music Video? Battle Scene? Parody? Crossover?

-I'm planning on doing a part for the "i walked into the shop..." collab I chose Game Hole. I hope this turns out well.

- I can take requests for sigs, banners, profile images, etc. Just ask.

- I'm also planning on making an "Awesome" type movie. MLP: Friendship is Awesome, maybe. :P

- Music creation is a pain. So don't expect a song for awhile.

- Muffins

Anyway, here's one of the best fan song I've ever heard.

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Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - July 28th, 2011

60 Frame Collab

We need animators. Badly.

Please, open the link and animate a part. But make it good. I don't want this collab to die. Please help it.

Other news:
-I'm in need of a new tablet. I'm thinking about getting an Bamboo Fun off of ebay.
-The MLP animation is coming along well. The animatics are looking great.
-Travis kicked me out of the Mario's Castle Calamity Collab unfairly. So expect a lot of practice crap.

Well, thanks for reading and please comment.

Have some luna.

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Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - July 12th, 2011

- I will not be switching to toon boom.

-I am currently making my first solo animation. One hint, I got inspiration from: Lost Heart, Found Danger
Edit: This will not be completed, for reasons I will not discuss, I'll still be working on animations though.

-I will make a My Little Pony: FiM Parody, which I plan to have out by the end of the year.

-AVAT died, and I'm still pissed about it. I hope there's another tournament soon.

Well, thanks for reading and please comment.

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - June 28th, 2011

-I will be switching to Toon Boom, because flash loves to crash and mess with my brushstrokes.

-My entry for the 60 frame collab might not be completed, because flash love to crash right before I save.

-I am planning on starting a series. I have ideas and characters, I just don't have a name.

-I will be judging for AVAT throughout the whole tournament, and most likely join next year.

-And now I am addicted to My Little Pony Fim, so except a parody of that sometime next year.

-Also, my user Icon is just there till I make one of my own.

If you bothered to read this, please leave a comment.

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - June 17th, 2011

Things to do by the end of summer:
-Finish 60 frame collab submission
-(Collab Died)
-Judge for AVAT (looking forward to that)
-Hopefully, make a song
-And starting/finishing a solo flash animation

This is going to be one long summer.

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - June 2nd, 2011

I'm not the best at explaining things. But I'll try my best.

1. No this is not an art tournament. (I'm only mentioning this because that's what I thought at first)

2. It is a tournament were teams of 1-5 people get together to make a animation about a chosen theme, (Ex. Candyland)

3. The contest starts on June 13th 12:00 AM Central Time.

4. There are three rounds in this tournament.

5. The creator of this tournament is Jomillex, who is a way better animator than I am, and FurryNG .

6. There are 5 judges as of now.





FlyingNinjaBannanas (A.K.A, Me)

He's not accepting any more judges. So don't try.

7. You can pick your teams. So don't stress out.

8. The reward is $30 NG Store Credit.

9. The BBS thread is here: Clicky Clicky

10. Submit your teams here: Team thread

Wow, I think I described it to well.

Well, if you need me...

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - May 26th, 2011

I am in both of these collabs and I would like it if more people joined,

The What If Collab
Animators: Come up with a idea the you can animate under the "What If" concept.

Voice Actors: Do a voice for one of the animations.

The Frame By 100 Collab
Basically, make a 100 frame, frame by frame, animation.

Click on the links for the BBS thread.

Thanks for reading and have fun.