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Procrastination is a bitch

Posted by FlyingNinjaBannanas - September 5th, 2011

Now that school has started. I won't be to active. But I'm still stalking. But anyway, on to other news.

- Flash got corrupted. So I won't be animating till Christmas.

- My art piece for the MLP: FiM art contest is past the rough draft stage. Thank god.

- I'll be making an art thread January 1st.

- I'll be entering TOFA next year, and I'll fail horribly.

- I'm starting to write again. Which is something I though I gave up a loooooong time ago.

- 3D animation is a bitch, but I'll get around to trying that...eventually.

- That MLP:FiM animation won't happen for a while. Unless I can get off my ass and do something. Which I doubt.

- I'm hoping to be able to work on "Silent Ponyville the Game". But that's unlikely.
Edit: Yeah, this isn't going to happen.

- I'll revamp my channel soon. When I feel like it.

- All that, and school, so some doodles might enter the Art Portal.

I have way to much free time. So if you read this far, please comment. I'll respond eventually.

Comments (9)

wow you are just 14 years old and already animating and drawing art? wow pretty impressive

Thank you. Though it's not that impressive. There are 12 year olds that do more than me and still have time to mess around.

OMG I'm entering tofa too!
Wanna train together?

Um, okay. But after Christmas. When I get flash back. >_>

Dicsord=God of Trolling.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1263321/58">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 263321/58</a> The thrill is gone.

It's still there. Trust me.

We don't celebrate no Nightymare Night in this here house,boy!

OMG your profile pic is so cute &lt;3

I've been a furry since I was 14, and am now a brony too.

Good luck with the art/animation, it's something I can never do properly, apart from vector graphics. I do make games though, I may make a pony game or something soon, if I can be bothered.

Yeah, it is a pain. That's why I have nothing done. :D


YAAWWWW... wait, what are we screaming about?

When I was 14, I entered TOFA to only lose the open round.

Damn that was the fucking life.

I'm hoping just to make something for the open round. :P

Lets practice for TOFA :D

Hm, sure. I've just been stuck with school and other crap for a while. I was going to start practicing anyway, so why not do it together. :P

I could make a small practice schedule. Or you could. It doesn't matter. But I'm predicting TOFA will start at the mid-end of April. Due to the placement of the last tournament.- So a good start for this would be whenever we decide, but I'm thinking mid January. I need to get a Voice Acting demo up anyway. So that would give me enough time to do that.

If I'm overdoing it, just let me know. :3c

I could also get Jomillex in this too possibly. Since he asked me earlier, as you can easily see. But that might not be as easy. Since I haven't talked to him in months.