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Well, at least the animation was good.

Art: Great use of shading. Plus the lines were crisp and clean, which is something that's hard to come by. 9/10

Animation: Once again, you did well. 8/10

Music: Rather low quality sounds here. They worked at least. 2/10

Originality: A internet meme dies from another internet meme saying another crappy internet meme. Yeah, that's not even close to original. 2/10

Humor: Not much to be found. And in a parody, you need humor more that anything. 2/10

You can make great stuff, we all can see that. But next time, lay off the memes. And if you're going to use them, make it funny.

Great animation, and well deserving of #1.

Like what was said below me. I can only mimic the Pros of this animation. But the only gripe I had with this, is the lack of music. It didn't have to be extreme battle music. But something to fill the empty void inbetween sound FX.

Great job man. A truly well made ending to an epic series. I hope to see more epic animations in the future.

Good effort, and an overall good flash animation.

Art: You made it good enough to fit the video. But it could be better. 8/10

Animation: It wasn't the greatest, but it was better than most videos that come through the portal. 8/10

Music: Great Song choice. It really fit the video. Though it wasn't the greatest song overall. 9/10

Humor: I really didn't see much humor in this. I can see that this is funny, but it didn't get a chuckle out of me. 2/10

I'm not the type of person to write a huge detailed review, and for that I am sorry. You have potential, and I think you're ready to amaze us with an original flash. Keep up the good work.

Steinberg responds:

Thank you for your review!
I'm glad you think I have potential and that the animation is an 8 out of a 10.

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Amazing graphics, but lacking replay value.

You did a fantastic job with the art and the animation. But other than that, you didn't bring to much to keep people playing. If I had a bit more reason to keep playing. I might have gone and gotten all the medals. But after you beat it, you don't have much reason to continue.

Keep making games dude, you will make an amazing game. But this isn't it.


3:58 :)

103 Deaths

Great Game. Level One will never be the same.

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That solo gave me a eargasm. Great job.

I'm dying from laugher,

This it funny. I'm showing this to all my friends and hacking my schools audio system so I can play this to everyone.

Stalagmite responds:

that sounds like the best thing i ever heard =D¬! DOOOO EEEEEEET!

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This is an amazing piece of art.

First off, I would like to congratulate you on doing this. It's an amazing piece that make me feel inadequate.

Lines: Not a mistake to be found, they're clear and concise. From the close up lines, to the ones that are barely visible. A couple of little things are off, but whatever, it's traditional. 10/10

Color: Great choice, it isn't saturated, it doesn't overly repeat. And it's just awesome. 10/10

Lighting: You did this perfectly. The light reflects off of every object. Adds some needed depth. 10/10

Overall: 10/10. I try not to give many 10's, but to give this one lower would break my good conscience. This is a truly great piece of art.

You drew this?! Damn.

You drew this?! Bullshit, It looks like a photo. It's that good

Jom responds:

Thanks man! It took me forever. I'm hoping to do more realism in my art.

Great Job

I love the colors. I never thought Pokemon and Digimon could be in the same drawling. (I know they can but you know what I mean) But one question, what software did you use to make this?

Omnivore responds:

What software? Not Photoshop (even though I have it..). I use Paint Sai, my friend :3

Just doing what I'm good at.

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